Put that Heart into Overdrive

Put that Heart into Overdrive

For the past few weeks I’ve been going to Xsport’s fitness classes and I’ve really, really enjoyed them! The first class I decided to try two weeks ago was cycling and I fell in love with it! The instructor was so motivating and she really pushes you to keep going for the whole hour that the class takes place. Also, they play great music, so it’s definitely another great motivator. You also really work your legs, so I’d highly recommend to try it at least once! I’m excited that one of the locations I go to will be having a Breast Cancer awareness cycling class this Saturday, which will also include a DJ. Cannot tell you how excited I am! I mean, have you ever been to a gym that had a DJ?! I sure haven’t!

Another class I really like is the kickboxing boot camp class, which works your whole body and you definitely feel sore after, but it’s SO worth it! This is class is also an hour and includes everything from jogging in place, kicks, punches, and using a step platform, dumb bells, and even a bar for lifting. I’ve been to this class three times so far and each time the routine is a little different and I love that about the class. You’re moving the whole time and every few minutes the exercises change. This class also includes amazing music, so you’ve got nothing to lose!

Yoga was the only other class that I’ve tried and while it’s less intense than cycling and kickboxing, it’s worth trying at least once! My plan for next week is try one of the Zumba and Pilates classes. I went to a few Zumba classes a few years ago and I’m excited to start trying it again! Same with Pilates. I was first introduced to Pilates by Monica a few years ago and was instantly hooked. As many of you may know, it’s excellent for your core. Can’t go wrong with Pilates.

In between the classes, I still do my lifting and cardio and sweat out toxins in the sauna. I’ll say it again — no regrets joining Xsport.

Take a Chance and Don’t Look Back

Take a Chance and Don’t Look Back

On Friday I decided to join Xsport and I’m SO glad I did! Today I worked out at a different location and I definitely enjoyed it! I also took advantage of the sauna (twice!) to get even more of a sweat sesh in. Boy, let me tell ya, it is definitely hot, hot, HOT in there! But I really liked it! For someone who isn’t such a huge fan of the heat, this is one thing I am a fan of! Also, what I really love about Xsport is that they have different fitness classes you can attend. Tomorrow after work Monica and I have decided to go to a cycling class and I’m so, so, so excited! Tuesday I might do Zumba or MixxedFit — we shall see! I really like that there’s so many options to switch it up. It’s so awesome that these classes are part of the membership and I can’t wait to see which ones end up being my favorite, and, let’s be honest, to start seeing results! πŸ™‚

Views, Views, Views

Views, Views, Views


Ever since I graduated from North Central College and haven’t been spending as much time in Naperville, I’ve been a little nostalgic of downtown so I’ve visited a few times within the last two weeks. I’ve fallen in love with the downtown area and that there’s so much to see. I mean, look at the fountain I took a picture of! It’s such a pretty view!! This fountain is located at the start of the River walk and it’s definitely a sight to see. One of my favorite things about the River walk is that it’s quite a lengthy walk and so many different things to see as you walk around it. Also, it’s so peaceful and it’s become one of my favorite places in the world.

Naperville 2

This bridge is one of my favorite points of the River walk. Last time I was here, there was a couple having their wedding photos taken here and it was so breathtaking! You can walk either on the bridge or underneath around it. On the other side when you cross there’s new restaurants and cafes that opened, so check it out! πŸ™‚

Naperville blo

The water that’s constantly flowing just brings me so much peace. I guess that’s what happens when you love nature and scenery! πŸ™‚

Take Me to My Happy Place

Take Me to My Happy Place

Lake Geneva.jpg

On Sunday I went to Lake Geneva because the weather was so beautiful and because this place has definitely become one of my happy places. The lake was so gorgeous (as you can see above!) and there were so many people. This was the third time I’ve been there and it just gets better every single time. I love scenery, so as soon as I hopped out of the car and set foot near the lake, I took in this gorgeous atmosphere. The boats are also never a bad sight to see! You can rent them and sail around, enjoying the waves and sun! There was also a festival, I believe it’s called the Venetian Festival, going on, so there were various rides and games as well as a Ferris wheel. Later I went to check out the different shops in town and enjoyed some birthday cake ice cream. Tiff also told me that Lake Geneva is lovely in October so that’s definitely a reason to come back soon!

Lake Geneva me.jpg

When you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing.

Visit Lake Geneva any chance you get — you won’t regret it!

Hallo, Deutschland

Hallo, Deutschland

The first week of July I took a three week trip to Stuttgart, Germany. My cousin Deja lives there now, so I visited her and we explored around the city. I have to tell you all — it did not disappoint! If you ever have a chance to visit, please do! There’s something to see everywhere you turn!

Stuttgart 1.jpg

One of the shopping centers in Stuttgart is so pretty! (At least I thought it was!) All the names of the stores are located at higher levels and there’s so many stores to shop at. Not to mention, Starbucks! Can’t ever visit a city without making a stop at Starbucks πŸ™‚ And Stuttgart also has amazing restaurants and cafes to visit. My cousin and I stopped at Italian restaurant one day and ordered a huge pizza bombarded with mushrooms–no disappointments, no regrets!

Stuttgart 2.jpg

The city is also always packed with people, which I thought was pretty stellar πŸ™‚ it reminded me a lot of Chicago and that made it a million times cooler! Also, the building pictured above caught my eye right away because of it’s gorgeous, colorful poles! And this area has various cafes to grad coffee and food.

Stuttgart older car.jpg

How cool is this car?! As my cousin and I were walking around Stuttgart, I noticed how they have monuments and certain attractions that make the city stand out, such as this timeless car! Definitely don’t see these everywhere! Big points for Stuttgart πŸ™‚

Mercedes-Benz Meuseum

Stuttgart is also home to the Mercedes-Benz Museum. It is seriously so phenomenal! Not only does the inside look awesome, but the outside of the building is beautiful too! The shape of the building is so unusual, yet stunning! And once inside, you get to view older models of cars all the way to the most recent ones. Do not skip the chance to visit this place if you’re ever in Stuttgart!

Green Benz.jpg

How gorgeous is this Benz?! Reasons to visit Germany, I’m telling ya πŸ™‚

Stuttgart with Deja

Another beautiful part of Stuttgart πŸ™‚ And I have this amazing soul to thank for showing me around this wonderful city!

Black and white Stuttgart.jpg

My three weeks in Stuttgart were definitely well spent and I’d definitely visit again in a heartbeat!

But first, Coffee

But first, Coffee

I went to Brewpoint Coffee for the first time today and decided to try one of their customized design lattes. See below how pretty they made the design πŸ™‚


The atmosphere at this place is seriously so cool and chill. They also have a ton of different lattes. I’ll always & forever be a latte lover. Β However, it’s definitely not limited to just lattes. There’s various different types of coffees they offer! The place gave me this “student” feel because they have books and motivational quotes on their walls and secluded tables along with Wi-Fi. It’s definitely a cute little coffee shop for students, but definitely not limited to students! The place definitely did not disappoint. CHECK. THEM. OUT.