On this Warm Saturday

I decided to start today by going for a run. The weather was so beautiful and I love running, so I thought why not? Who knows how long these warm days will last before we get snow again. 😉 Although, tomorrow it’s supposed to be in the mid 70s, and Monday too. Maybe Spring is finally upon us.

I’ve been working on the second and fifth chapters of my memoir and loving every second of it! Let me tell ya… it’s challenging, but do not ever give up because you’ll get to where you want to! I wrote my first chapter, but will definitely be going back to revise and make sure it’s polished and that I’m happy with the end result. Since I very much enjoy nonfiction, I’ve watched some YouTube videos and read some articles of some authors who have written memoirs. I love hearing an author’s perspective of their own book and why they decided to write the book in the first place. I also love reading people’s stories and the journeys they’ve been through, whether it’s sad, happy, tragic or fantastic, or a mix of all!

I’m definitely enjoying my last eight weeks of grad school and working on my thesis, which is a section of the memoir I mentioned. Not sure how many I’ve said this now, but grad school will always be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Sometimes you need to take a chance and never look back. It just might be one of the greatest chances you’ve taken.


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