Adventure After Adventure

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Yesterday was a day filled with adventure. Chloe and I went to eat and we talked about school and how our theses are coming along, among other life discussions. It was such a blast. I don’t know how many times I can say this, but friends you meet in grad school are friends for life. I especially enjoy our conversations writing and the fact that we can relate to each other with that and bounce ideas off of each other. After we ate, we went and attended an author presentation at Anderson’s Bookshop.

The author we listened to was Lisa Scottoline. She is a legal thriller writer, but she also writes other genres. She particularly talked about her newest book, One Perfect Lie and some of the content included in the book. This was the first time I’ve ever attended an author presentation and it was definitely thrilling. Lisa was full of energy and she shared stuff about her life and how many novels she’s written — 27! I’d highly recommend to attend a presentation of one of your favorite authors (or just one in general!) because you learn so much and you can find out ways to be a more successful writer.

We topped off the day by having some hot chocolate at Le Chocolat du Bouchard. I’m definitely recommending to try one of their [many] delicious hot chocolates next time you’re there!


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