As I look around, I instantly notice the palm trees

These tremendous towering objects give this city such a beautiful view

I can taste the salt from the beach as I take a deep breath in

The scorching sun suddenly hits me

The crystal clear skies take my breath away

The day is longer like the beats of my heart

I catch a view of the little girl near me, who’s twirling without a care

Is it possible to be in a place that makes you forget your worries?

Apparently the Gods have created a city to let go of your problems

To let go of your troubles, to let go of your sorrows

The waves come crashing into me as I step in with my feet

I breathe in, exhale, and walk to the beat

Jacksonville, you make the phrase ‘heaven is a place on earth’ come true

I never want to leave, I want to stay here till it no longer feels safe

Life isn’t all beaches, problems, no worries or sorrows

But rather temporary escape from reality

The water gets deeper

The cold washes over me

I suddenly remember life back home, but rapidly dismiss the thoughts

I glance over at the girl, still twirling, smiling widely

Her parents watching her, smiles just as wide, as if they’d just won the lottery

Jacksonville, you do something to people, change their state of mind

Life back home and life here they’re almost polar opposites

Jacksonville, you might or might not be the city for me, but for now I’ll just let it be


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