Hallo, Deutschland

The first week of July I took a three week trip to Stuttgart, Germany. My cousin Deja lives there now, so I visited her and we explored around the city. I have to tell you all — it did not disappoint! If you ever have a chance to visit, please do! There’s something to see everywhere you turn!

Stuttgart 1.jpg

One of the shopping centers in Stuttgart is so pretty! (At least I thought it was!) All the names of the stores are located at higher levels and there’s so many stores to shop at. Not to mention, Starbucks! Can’t ever visit a city without making a stop at Starbucks 🙂 And Stuttgart also has amazing restaurants and cafes to visit. My cousin and I stopped at Italian restaurant one day and ordered a huge pizza bombarded with mushrooms–no disappointments, no regrets!

Stuttgart 2.jpg

The city is also always packed with people, which I thought was pretty stellar 🙂 it reminded me a lot of Chicago and that made it a million times cooler! Also, the building pictured above caught my eye right away because of it’s gorgeous, colorful poles! And this area has various cafes to grad coffee and food.

Stuttgart older car.jpg

How cool is this car?! As my cousin and I were walking around Stuttgart, I noticed how they have monuments and certain attractions that make the city stand out, such as this timeless car! Definitely don’t see these everywhere! Big points for Stuttgart 🙂

Mercedes-Benz Meuseum

Stuttgart is also home to the Mercedes-Benz Museum. It is seriously so phenomenal! Not only does the inside look awesome, but the outside of the building is beautiful too! The shape of the building is so unusual, yet stunning! And once inside, you get to view older models of cars all the way to the most recent ones. Do not skip the chance to visit this place if you’re ever in Stuttgart!

Green Benz.jpg

How gorgeous is this Benz?! Reasons to visit Germany, I’m telling ya 🙂

Stuttgart with Deja

Another beautiful part of Stuttgart 🙂 And I have this amazing soul to thank for showing me around this wonderful city!

Black and white Stuttgart.jpg

My three weeks in Stuttgart were definitely well spent and I’d definitely visit again in a heartbeat!


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