Hey, Makeup Lovers!


I used to be an Ipsy subscriber for a little while and then canceled my membership, but then I decide to join again because you get some of the coolest makeup each month! In this month’s bag I received eyeshadow, eyeliner, and more! I’ve just been experimenting with different makeup and I’m glad with Ipsy that I get to try different brands and different stuff. If you’re someone who likes to try various types of makeup, then Ipsy just might be for you! And sometimes you even get items like dry shampoo and face masks, like I did this month! Give it a try!


I’m crazy, crazy, crazy about lipstick, so I love to try all different kinds! So of course I had to try Lorac since I’ve never tried it before and let me tell ya, I wasn’t disappointed! The box I got came with five different shades, all which are AWESOME! Whether you’re someone who likes colors that pop or more neutral tones, Lorac has it all! What are some of you favorite lipstick brands? I’m always open to suggestions on what to try next! 🙂


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