RUNNING: Let’s Get Real


A few years ago I decided to invest in a treadmill, however, around the time I got it, I’ve been running outside and kind of set it aside. Lately, since it’s been so cold out, I’ve been putting it to better use. Sometimes I’ll run I’ll run a few miles without stopping and other times I run of a minute and walk for five. There’s really no “right way” to take on a running session. You do what’s right for you. At times I do HIIT cardio where I run for a minute and walk for a minute or I’ll run for 15 minutes and then get off of the treadmill, sit on my bed and scroll through Instagram for 10-15 minutes, and get back on the treadmill. These variations work for me. When it’s warmer outside, I like to run on sand-covered ground at this park near my house or on concrete. Again, there’s times, I don’t have a plan. I just start running and run till I realize it’s time to slow down and walk for a bit. There’s no right or wrong. In the end, whichever method makes you happy is all that matters! The great thing is that if you have goals and motivation to reach with running, that will keep you going. I’ve mentioned before that I’m doing my first 5K in April and it’s my motivation to get up and run on the days I’d rather lounge around or skip running for that day. After the 5K, I’d like to do a half marathon, but I’m not pushing it. Start slow, start anywhere, but just start. You’ll be so proud of yourself!

Work in Silence. Let success be your noise.


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